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Loitsu - Kevät

by Loitsu [folk, acoustic][2016]

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Once in a while, it is important to lay down next to the tree and be still when looking at the branches how they spiral out to reach the sun. Then notice how the white clouds are just passing by like your thoughts are just passing by. Taking few deep breaths and letting your body and heart grow roots deep to the heart of earth like the tree grows it's roots to embrace the one that feeds us all.
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This little piece of Loitsu is reminding about the light-hearted side of things. While it is not always an easy task in a modern world, sometimes we find our way back to the child in us, and can be like moomins, walking the path of this life with inspiration, innocent wonder and joyfulness in our hearts.

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released April 5, 2016
Music & Video © r.kurkijávri

Piano: Saju.


all rights reserved



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